Yoga – A Way Of Life

Stress has taken a prominent place in lives of people belonging to all age groups. It has also become one of the biggest reasons for various physical and mental diseases. All of this leads to mental imbalance and makes a person emotionally unstable. Young women face difficulties while conceiving, children develop asthma due to lack of sufficient fresh air, and obesity is on the rise due to lack of physical workouts and wrong eating habits. Life in a metro city has become very demanding for one and all and everyone is looking for ways to reduce stress. Yoga happens to be the perfect form of relaxation for the mind and the body and the benefits of it are something which is hard to ignore.

pregnancy yoga classes in thane

Four pregnant women sitting in lotus position, side view, low section

Deep breathing and quite an environment is an easy way to reduce stress and improve body balance of an individual and Yoga as a form of workout seem to be on the rise. There are many Yoga centers in Thane.  A few advantages of doing Yoga are as follows:

  • Can be done by anyone and any age
  • Soft on the body
  • Increases strength and reasoning capacity
  • Chances of an injury are very negligent
  • Deep breathing increases the oxygen intake and thus improves the capacity of the lungs
  • Balances the hormone
  • Enhances the concentration power and reduces stress and anxiety
  • Can be practiced in the comfort of home as well
  • Makes an individual flexible

Centres for this form of exercises are mushrooming in every corner of the area but one must be careful to choose the right center and the right instructor for maximum benefits. Choose a certified instructor who can give at least two to three classes a week and has small batches for maximum individual attention. There are different Yogic exercises for different problems but basic breathing exercises have to be practiced by all for maximising the benefit of the exercise.

There are special Yoga classes for expecting mothers. There are a few pregnancy yoga classes in thane as well. These classes are a little different than the normal Yoga classes. Yoga must be done is pregnancy as it has the following advantages:

  • Reduces hormone imbalance and iron deficiency
  • Makes the body flexible and less prone to infections
  • Provides strength
  • Prepares the body for labor
  • Relaxes the body and mind

It has been observed that those who practice yoga during pregnancy tend to have a normal delivery, the labor period is comparatively short and the recovery is much faster, the babies born are healthy, hale and hearty.

It is very important to have some amount of physical activity on a daily basis for a healthy lifestyle and one must take in oxygen as well to increase energy and meet the demands of life without getting tired midway. Breathing practices in Yoga ensure oxygen intake and prepare one for various challenges of life at various stages. A slow form of workout has best results for a long time. It is also a favorite of many celebrities. It provides one with some quiet time and time away from the noisy surroundings. One can practice it alone or in a group.

So embrace yoga and derive the immense benefits it has to offer as well.