Is The Taste of E-Cigs Different Than The Test of Traditional Cigarettes And If Yes Then for Better or Worse

Vaping is no different from cigarettes as long as the Taste of E-Cigs is concerned. However,
vaping has a unique kind of taste, a taste of a premium kind.

It is available in multiple flavors and even better part is that the Taste of E-Cigs is evolving with every passing day not only in the United States of America which is one of largest markets of E-Cigs but across the world.


E-liquids contain far fewer ingredients that cigarettes and E-Cigs also don’t have to be burned
to ashes, unlike cigarettes. While vaporizing e-cigs, makers of Vapors always keep this in
the view that it must taste like actual tobacco. Yes, that’s right! you won’t miss anything like the dry, burnt taste of Tobacco.

The smell of fire and ash in exactly the same way as you would feel while smoking a traditional cigarette but everything without any actual fire and ash and that is a great thing when you switch to e-cigs.


Most of the e-cigs use only a few ingredients, such as a preservative that keeps the flavor consistent, water, flavoring, nicotine, unlike traditional cigarettes that use tobacco treated with hundreds or thousands of added chemicals. Treating tobacco with added chemicals renders it a rather diversified taste and flavor than that of pure tobacco leaves which E-Cigs offer.

Moreover, you won’t find anything like the Paper, filter which also adds up to a cigarette’s taste and flavor as everytime you smoke you set the Paper on fire that the tobacco is draped in and inhale through a filter made of chemical-treated cellulose. Whereas Tobacco E-Liquid keeps it simple and pure by not adding any sort of unnecessary additives.


The major worry or apprehension for those smoking traditional cigarettes and thinking of switching to E-cigs is whether the alternative e-cigs will have the same taste and flavor they get from their regular go-to cigarette brands or not.

And this makes the researching and knowing about the taste and flavors of different e-cigs even more important for New E-cig users.

The kind of taste and smell you could sense and feel of food and drinks while smoking traditional cigarettes will change for sure and change for better as you would be able to get the exact taste and smell of the item you would eat or drink in terms of spice and sweetness, once you quit smoking and start using E-cigs. Because the real taste of fresh tobacco leaves is different from the tobacco used in Paper- draped cigarettes for E-cig doesn’t use any unnecessary added chemicals.


To sum up: Tobacco E Juice used in E-Cigs taste more like fresh Tobacco and helps in regaining your sense of taste and the smell of food and drink and avoids all sorts of unnecessary added chemicals used on Paper-draped cigarettes and therefore, E-cigs do taste different than a traditional cigarette but better and healthy.

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