Somatropin is recommended in injection form in children and adults for the treatment of growth hormone deficiencies because it has the ability and potency to affect not only the hormones but also the other activities and functions in the body including those of metabolic system. It is a generic name for Synthetic Growth Hormone and sold only on prescription.

This blog will give you an insight on the working and effects of Somatropin human growth hormone. It works the same as body produced hormones do as a synthetic growth hormone. The pituitary gland located in the brain manufactures the human growth hormone. It is responsible for any type of tissue growth in the body. It is associated with the childhood and adolescent growth. To trigger the cellular growth which has a major impact on the cells regeneration, rejuvenation and repair somatropin helps in the production of insulin-like growth factor-1. It is not only limited to the bones and muscle cells rather all other numerous cells in the body that includes neural tissues.


It has been classified as a recombinant growth hormone as it is not a controlled substance. It must be used with utmost care and caution under the constant monitoring by a physician to ensure that the levels of HGH do not exceed. The increased level of growth hormone in the blood will contribute to various side effects. Sometimes results in dangerous reactions and permanent deformities. The severe side effects are a rampant growth of muscle, connective tissues, and bones as well as enlargement of internal organs of the body. Around the world, this product has been banned by most of the sports organizations because of its effect in promoting the growth of muscle, stamina, and endurance.

Now, this blog will give you an overview on the cost of somatropin HGH, it is very expensive and will cost you anywhere from $500 per month to around $7000 per month depending on the type and from where you get it for daily injections. The bodybuilders or athletes do not inject it on regular basis but they inject it in the levels higher than prescribed or in excessive amounts.

If the athlete has the prescription for a generic HGH then it is easy to get it from the local hospital or retail pharmacy shop. But the type of HGH the milligram strength and the frequency of injections will have a great impact on the cost of growth hormone. It is possible to buy Somatropin from illegal sources and from the countries where the manufacturers themselves smuggle the product. But a cautious approach should be there as you may not get the quality you are expecting from the unreliable sources.

There are many counterfeit HGH prevailing in the market because of its popularity. The products may contain questionable fillers, bacteria, expired products which are produced under the non-sterile manufacturing processes. The side effect includes nerve pain, joint pain, and muscle pain, swelling in hands and feet, tingling sensations on the skin throughout the body.