How do I Send a Gift to Someone on Special Occasion

Gifts are more like an expression than just a piece of something bought after spending a lot of money. When you have your loved ones living across the world, the gift needs to be very special because a gift is always a big deal.

A gift varies from occasion to occasion, like for a birthday, it will be different from a graduation present. Also, the relation with the person we are sending the gift matters a lot while selecting the gift.

Many of us have some of our friends and family members who live in abroad. But this doesn’t stop us from sending gifts to each other, and it is important that this gift should be delivered on time because it’s specially made for that moment.

What are the options?

People who are living in abroad can never run out of options, when it comes to sending it to India. Maybe your younger cousin who loves gadgets can be send a digital camera or PS4 station. There are many brands of coats and shawls that are not available in India but Indians love to have them. In that case, you can gift your Indian friend a handsome coat or any other clothing item. Also, some imported chocolates and stationery is good option. You can gift a very fancy handbag to your favorite aunt who lives in India.


If you have some older adults residing in India and you are close to them, a letter will be an excellent expression.

Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, or you best friend’s baby shower, every occasion is different and so should be the gift.

How are these gifts transported?

There are now many digital facilities that allow you to select and send a meaningful gift from anywhere to everywhere with the help of fingertips.

There are many web stores or shopping websites that have the option to send your purchased item to a customized address also with other facilities as well. Now lot of people send gifts to their loved ones in India, many websites are running which provides the same service, and they are remarkably good.

Here is a list of a few sites that have this facility of sending gifts from one country to another which might help you quickly-

1. Amazon

2 Oyegifts

3. Gifts-to-India

4. Giftsnideas

5. Gift above

6. Giftbasketsoverseas

7. Send my gift

These are some more websites that you can easily find on the internet according to your location. Few of them also help you to choose a customized gift as per your requirement.

So, if you are planning to send a gift to India, you need to know that you do not need to worry about it. Just pick up your phone and follow up with websites. Get their address right and the perfect gift as well. Hope this helps. Happy occasion.