With the multitude of the process, the server listing found on the internet and in the local yellow page, it appears to be that one process server is very good as the next one. In reality, there is a great difference between the excellent and the substandard services, inexperienced or the unreliable servers and missed services deadline will cost the firm and also your client some extra amount and misery to set back from the situation.


There Are Some Basic Services That The Trustworthy Process Server OH That Offer. These May Include:

  • Fee schedule: The process server should have the fees schedule with them, and it lists the number of attempts which have been included in the service fees, rush fees and charges, and the mileage charges for the ancillary documentation that is required for the court purpose.
  • Prompts confirmation of the services: The rapid confirmation of the services may enable you to move ahead with the application and the documents on behalf of your client.
  • Availability: The process server OH company should also have the coverage 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Not all the services attempts can be affected on 5 to 9 basis. As well, you also want to be able to track the progress of the services at the convenience. Ascertain, whether the process server offers the database for tracking the service orders.
  • Skip tracing: The skip tracing also on the no find, no fees basis. The process server may also provide the rush services to locate, and if they are not a successful one, the supply documentation can also be submitted to the court with all the details of the attempted location.
  • Good communication: The very good process server may contact you immediately, it the difficulties arise with the services to receive the instruction.
  • Commitment: Working with the process server who will go beyond the basics and do the utmost in order to complete the assignments. As then what is the procedure, they are using to back up the promises.
  • Summary of services: The process server also provides you with the full summary of all the actions that are undertaken on your behalf.
  • Positive business history: The process server company should have the positive business history. Also, check for the better business Bureau for complaints.

Conduct the background check, while you research the process server. The right process server belongs to the organization like National Association of Professional Process Servers and the Colorado Association of Professional Process Servers. These organizations may promote the very basic as well as the advanced education, the codes of ethics and the committees which may follow and report the members regarding the updated legislation, the state rules and the information that relevant to the profession. The experienced process server may also have some errors and omission insurance.

Ask the process server for any references. The process server should not have any hesitations to furnish you with 2 or 3 law firms to contact for the confirmation of the servers reliability, performance, and the honesty.