The Emergence of Industrial Sewing Machines in India

When it comes to the industrial revolution and the number of wonderful machines that it gave us, the one thing that you definitely cannot dismiss is the sewing machine. Not only did this machine help women to save their handwork and eyesight from straining, by making it easier to make clothes, but the sewing machines helped to mobilize an entire industry.

Without the different sewing machines that are available in the market now, the fashion industry would not be as big and important as it is today. The Industrial sewing machine in India arrived much later, though. The patent for the sewing machines had been in works since 1755 from different persons across the world, but it was not until 1844 that a proper machine was considered as the final working model of the sewing machine.

The Singer Machine

However, one of the biggest names to be associated with the invention of the sewing machine is Isaac Merritt Singer. Thanks to a flurry of patents and poorly made models, Singer spent 11 days reconstructing the sewing machine and produced a practical machine that used an up-down mechanism which became famous across the world.

Having established in 1851, Singer started his production and selling of the standard sewing machines quickly in just two years. After establishing the business in India in 1871, the Singer Company quickly gained a monopoly in the Indian economy when it came to sewing machines.

The Rise of Sewing Machines

When the sewing machine revolution began, it was not operated electronically but mechanically with a foot pedal. One of the most important needs for sewing machines was to create and quickly produce war uniforms across the world.

Having established a stronghold in India, Singer has been an instrument of power and shaped the economy throughout the years for over 14 decades.

Zig Zag Machine

Another first celebrated by the country was the introduction of the zigzag sewing machine by Singer. Moving away from the standard Singer straight stitch sewing machine, this spelled the innovation of the electronic sewing machines which are used widely across the world today.


As the world entered the 20th century, many technological innovations led to a number of sewing machines enter the market. From straight stitch to zig zag, India was a forerunner as the manufacturer and also a consumer of these machines. Currently, there are different products such as embroidery makers, artisan machines, electronic machines and more.

While the original sewing machines are still widely popular across the country, the computerized versions are the most widely sold types of machines today.

Establishment of Singer

Initially established only in the USA but with a stronghold in India, Singer finally moved to India and became officially known as Singer India Limited, with its headquarter in New Delhi.

Although there are a wide number of brands and companies that exist in the sewing machine market in India today, the establishment and the emergence of the sewing machines in the country can be widely dedicated to the Singer Company.