What Are The Dumb SEO Tactics That Can Get Your Site Penalized?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a method of implementing strategies and tactics to increase the internet traffic to a website and Techniques Improving Website Ranking by acquiring a high-ranking position in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) of search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. While White Hat SEO tactics abide by search engine’s guidelines and ensure good quality web pages in search results, Black Hat SEO tactics do not conform to search engines practices and can get your site penalized.

When you hire the services of an affordable SEO company, you must ensure that your SEO provider does not get you penalized and knows all the Techniques Improving Website Ranking. There are many providers who still employ old and ineffective SEO techniques. Here are some dumb SEO tactics that can attract a Google penalty:


1. Links from Penalized Websites:

Nobody would want their web page to be linked from a penalized website. The websites penalized by search engines would not do any good to your web page so ensure that your provider gets links from trusted sites and not the penalized ones. This can be done by asking the provider how it examines and chooses the site to obtain links from. The provider can supply details of websites for acquiring links so you might examine them before linking your web page.

2. Link Wheels and Link Farms:

Link farms are a string of websites created by SEO providers for setting up backlinks to certain sites. The providers use free platforms such as Blogger and WordPress to create a link farm in order to manipulate search results. A link wheel is used by a provider to link your money content from others. The articles are subsequently linked from other articles which, in turn, are linked to the money site. This is an effective method of ensuring high- quality content. When an affordable SEO company gets a backlink for your web page, ask if it has used a link wheel or has engaged in black hat link farm tactics.

3. Linking to Your Homepage:

Although including backlinks to your homepage is not a wrong strategy, it has to be done rightly. It is wrong to believe that having more links to your homepage will help website get a higher rank. Instead, you should create a link to useful content on your website and not the homepage. If your provider is linking your homepage to an exactly same keyword, it will surely lead to a penalty.

4. Purchase Links:


Purchasing links is a breach of Google guidelines. It is a dumb tactic that can get your website penalized. Links should appear naturally and can come via lawful link acquisition techniques. Purchasing links are as good as joining the company of black-hat SEO providers. Most likely, you will end up with an exact same keyword, link farms, and links from websites already sandboxed by search giants.

Needless to say, the changing SEO landscape always keeps you on the lookout for Techniques Improveing Website Ranking. Make sure you avoid these dumb SEO tactics completely and save your website from attracting penalties.